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The Trickster’s Ring – A magical item for Dungeons & Dragons

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The Trickster’s Ring. My first magical item for Dungeons & Dragons in English.

I am not an English native speaker and always run my Dungeons & Dragons sessions in German, but I own the Player’s Handbook, the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Master’s Guide in English as well as in German. A few months ago I created a magical item for Dungeons & Dragons in German. Now I am going to publish said item in English too. May I present: The Trickster’s Ring.

D&D - Dungeons & Dragons

I am from Germany and I have started my blog in 2015 and in all that time I have published a lot of different blog articles as well as fan material for MIDGARD, Germany’s first fantasy roleplaying game, Call of Cthulhu and Dungeons & Dragons. But all the published material has always been in German. Now I want to expand my horizon: After having written my first blog articles in English, I am taking a step forward and I have created a magical item for Dungeons & Dragons in Englisch. Okay, the item was first published in German a few months ago. I have translated it into English because I know that some of my readers are English native speakers and some don’t understand German.

A magical item for Dungeons & Dragons

The magical item I am talking about is called the Trickster’s Ring. It does not use official background from any Dungeons & Dragons campaign worlds, the background is generic. Yes, this item is 100 % homebrew. So every Dungeon Master has the possibility to use the Trickster’s Ring for almost every fantasy world. And the best thing is that the magical item doesn’t cost a thing and can be downloaded here.

An ordinary ring created by a priestress, who was one of the most faithful and fanatical follower of her God at that time. She gave the ring to her beloved God, known as the Trickster. He took the ring, put it on his finger and never took it off again. It was the simplicity of the ring he loved so much. The ring became one of the most important symbols of the Trickster and his followers hence called the ring „The Trickster’s Ring“.

Extract from the book „The Legend of the Trickster’s Ring“

I wish you a lot of fun with this magical item and hope you will use it in your Dungeons & Dragons campaign as soon as possible. If so, please let me know.

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