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Portrait: Quabbelpod Quaddelflott (5th edition)

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Quabbelpod Quaddelflott. A cleric of Lathander.

Quabbelpod Quaddelflott is one of my characters for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons and gave his debut performance on 17 Octobre 2019 at „DnDonnerstag“ on JingleChannel, a German language actual play channel on Twitch. Since then the gnome cleric has grown close to my heart, even though I do not actively play him at the moment. Instead he wanders around everywhere in the Border Kingdoms. It is time for an introduction (German version here).

Portrait - Quabbelpod Quaddelflott - D&D
Illustration by Vidovic_Art. Used with friendly permission.

Quabbelpod Quaddelflott is a gnome and grew up at his parents‘ home in Baldur’s Gate. One of his most important abilities has always been finding new friends via his friendly nature. In the past he has been able to build up a large circle of friends consisting of a wide variety of people, even if he had nothing to do with them or has never seen them again. His view of things is the following: „When we form a friendship, it will be a friendship forever and ever. Only if the friend is evil-minded and/or has done evil things, the friendship will come to a sudden end. But there has been another particular thing in the past that has been responsible for Quabbelpod Quaddelflott becoming a cleric of Lathander.

Touched by the power of the Morning Lord

The parents of Quabbelpod Quaddelflott noticed very soon that their offspring owned a special talent: He felt the power of Lathander, also known as the Morning Lord, and his attraction to him was very strong. Conversations with the clerics of Lathander showed clearly that the young gnome had at birth been personally touched by the Morning Lord. The clerics made it unmistakeably clear that Quabbelpod Quaddelflott would have to join the ministries of Lathander as soon as possible to become a cleric of the Morning Lord. But his parents hesitated as Quabbelpod Quaddelflott was their only one son and who would take over the very successful family business if the young gnome joined the ministries of Lathander? No one obviously! Therefore they decided that Quabbelpod Quaddelflott should determine his own destiny when he was old enough and his decision was clear: He joined the ministries of Lathander to become one of his clerics.

Quabbelpod Quaddelflott – Called to save the world

Although the young gnome joined the ministries of Lathander later than usual to become a cleric, he did an excellent job and passed all examinations with ease. Within a few years, Quabbelpod Quaddelflott finished his last exams successfully, and henceforth he could call himself as a „Cleric of the Morning Lord“ or a „Cleric of Lathander“. This was a great thing for Quabbelpod Quaddelflott, and from now on he wanted to save the world against evil and fight all evil with all his powers. But there was a little problem: He had to find a mission or something else to realize his intention. Until then a little more time should pass. During this time he worked in the Temple of Lathander, went on some smaller errands or helped his parents in the family business, provided that he had enough time for this kind of work. However, customers had to get used to the particular fact that a cleric of Lathender worked in a convenience store.

The time has come to prove himself

One day, as Quabbelpod Quaddelflott walked through Baldur’s Gate, he heard of a group of adventurers who had wanted to go into a dungeon, which was situated deep under a tavern. „Maybe something had happened to them?“, thought the young gnome and decided to enter the dungeon as well and check if all of the adventurers were fine. Maybe they needed help by a cleric of the Morning Lord. If so, would help them. No question!

Quabbelpod Quaddelflott met the adventurer group a short time later and he was happy to see that everyone was well. But the adventurers were surpised to see a cleric of Lathander in a place like this. Fortunately the young gnome was able to convince the group that he meant them no ill. He kept the etiquette and introduced himself in a friendly way and offered them his help, which was in turn thankfully accepted. Quabbelpod Quaddelflott and his new friends walked through the dungeon, explored it, fought against evil and cleared the whole place. The young gnome liked that.

After this adventure Quabbelpod Quaddelflott chose a seperate path and left the group. Before that he gave all of the adventurers Lathander’s blessing.

The Border Kingdoms are calling

Quabbelpod Quaddelflott did not take a rest and he decided to leave Baldur’s Gate instead. He heard about a region called The Border Kindgoms where every adventurer would find his place. So it was not surprising that the young gnome wanted to travel to this region. After he got the confirmidation of the highest priest of the Temple of Lathander, Quabbelpod Quaddelflott picked up all his belongings and joined a trading caravan. The route from the Sword Coast to the Border Kindgoms was long, but finally he arrived at his destination. Today Quabbelpod Quaddelflott lives in the Border Kindgoms and fights against the evil there. But who knows, maybe Quabbelpod Quaddelflott will return to Baldur’s Gate, his home town, sooner or later.

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